Agatha Raisin is a radio drama adapted by David Semple based on the novels by M.C. Beaton.

After a lifetime spent in public relations, one-woman dynamo Agatha Raisin struggles to adapt to life in a quiet country village - but she soon finds that there is murder and mayhem aplenty to keep her busy.

Among the cases she has to deal with are a poisoned quiche; a vet who has been ‘put to sleep’; a hanged horticulturist; a murdered rambler and a curate who meets his Maker somewhat sooner than expected. Then there’s the treasure hunt with a rather nasty prize at the end; the secretive salon owner; the husband who is quite definitely ex; the murder on the dance-floor and the fairies at the bottom of the garden.

With all this and handsome neighbour James Lacey to deal with, the ‘Columbo of the Cotswolds’ has her hands full!


Following the pilot, each novel adapted is split into two episodes.

Title Original Airdate
The Quiche of Death (pilot) May 13, 2003

Agatha Raisin determines to make her mark by winning the local baking competition. When the judge is poisoned by her efforts, she investigates and uncovers a web of extra-marital sex and pastry-based favours.

Series 1

Title Original Airdate
1. The Vicious Vet May 24, 2004

A vet's arrival in the village of Carsely sparks a murder trail for the amateur sleuth.

2. The Body in the Bathroom May 31, 2004

Hunting the killer, the sleuth resorts to barefaced lies, burglary and badger-watching.

3. The Potted Gardener June 7, 2004

Competition for a new garden festival in the village turns nasty.

4. The Gardener's Legacy June 14, 2004

When her garden festival rival is murdered, the sleuth digs deep to root out the wrongdoer.

5. The Walkers of Dembley June 21, 2004

The sleuth gets embroiled in a saga of murder, lust and wellington boots.

6. A Marriage of Convenience June 28, 2004

Investigating the murder of a rambler, Agatha and James go undercover as a married couple.

Series 2

Title Original Airdate
1. The Curious Curate October 10, 2005

When the village curate is found murdered, the retired PR guru vows to catch his killer.

2. Duck and Cover October 17, 2005

Despite the villagers reeling from the curate's death, the fete still goes ahead.

3. Buried Treasure October 24, 2005

The sleuth's plan to quit smoking sparks a treasure hunt, humiliation and a nasty murder.

4. The Civil War October 31, 2005

The murder hunt leads to Oxford, as intimacy beckons in a cupboard full of special books.

5. The Wizard of Evesham November 7, 2005

The alarmed sleuth discovers her hairdresser and his clients are harbouring a dark secret.

6. The Moment of Truth November 14, 2005

Agatha must identify the poisoner, but James won't help. Does he really no longer care?

Series 3

Title Original Airdate
1. The Murderous Marriage October 25, 2006

The Cotswold detective is finally set to marry Colonel James Lacey. But there's a problem.

2. The Disappearing Trick November 1, 2006

The Cotswold sleuth must return the wedding gifts and clear herself of murder.

3. The Terrible Tourist November 8, 2006

The furious sleuth pursues James, but stumbles on a new murder.

4. The Green-Eyed Monster November 15, 2006

Miles from home, the sleuth and her partner investigate the murder of a tourist.

5. The Fairies of Fryfam November 22, 2006

The sleuth runs off to Cornwall, but there's no escaping murder and mystery - or James!

6. Murder in the Dark November 29, 2006

The sleuths investigate the Cornish murder - but can James forgive and forget?


Main cast

Recurring cast

  • Tina Gray as Mrs. Wendle
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