The Agatha Raisin Detective Agency is a freelance detective agency set up by Agatha Raisin in Season 3 once she had become an officially licensed private investigator.


The office was styled by Roy, as Agatha persuaded him to help with the interior whilst he was between projects. The unorthodox design is intended to excite and challenge preconceptions, with various distraction activities available to help inspire creativity; including a multi sensory light room, a meditation lawn and a chill-out zone. (The Haunted House)


Roy did lots of marketing online and in the local press for the launch of the agency, yet business was slow to begin with. Agatha thought about setting up a crime herself which she could easily solve and impress prospective clients but James suggested the agency should investigate the supposed haunting of Ivy Hall in Hebberdon instead. James was correct, and business was indeed booming after she solved the mystery of Ivy Hall's haunting. (The Haunted House)

However, a scathing article in the local newspaper by Denzel Wilkes caused many clients to start frantically ringing up to cancel their cases. When Sir Charles came to the agency with his friend Tiggy Laggat-Brown, whose daughter had received death threats, Agatha leaped at the opportunity sensing a chance to prove her naysayers wrong. (The Deadly Dance)


Whilst not officially employed by the agency, James Lacey, Charles Fraith, Sarah Bloxby, Bill Wong and Mrs. Boggle have all helped Agatha with her cases.



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