"There's a snake in the grass..."
―The Potted Gardener's tagline

Agatha Raisin and the Potted Gardener is third book in the Agatha Raisin Mysteries series by M. C. Beaton. The story was published in 1994.


When Agatha Raisin comes home to cozy Carsely and finds that a new woman has piqued the interest of her handsome bachelor neighbor, James Lacey, she’s less than thrilled. The beautiful newcomer to the Cotswolds, Mary Fortune, is superior in every way—especially when it comes to gardening—and Agatha is suddenly seeing nothing but green. If only a nice juicy murder would come along to remind James of Agatha’s genius for investigation. When a series of mysterious assaults on the town’s finest gardens is followed by a shocking murder, Agatha gets her wish. Seizing the moment, she immediately starts yanking up village secrets by their roots and digging up details about the victim—who, as it turns out, may just have some hidden dirt of her own…


  • Agatha Raisin
  • James Lacey
  • Mary Fortune

Television adaptation

Main article: The Potted Gardener

The events of this story were adapted as part of the first season of the Agatha Raisin television series.

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