Amanda Ballard is a character in the first season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, originating in the short story Agatha Raisin: Hell's Bells.

She was a rich newcomer to Carsely and the leader of the church bell ringing group, who had hoped to create a new life for herself.

She was portrayed by Sally Bretton.


Amanda moved to Carsely in the hopes of creating a new life for herself. She made herself out to be recently widowed when in reality she was actually divorced, with her ex-husband still very much alive and paying for her expensive lifestyle.

She allowed her old friend Steph live in her caravan on Amanda's property. In exchange, Steph helped Amanda take care of her horses and the stables.

Upon moving to Carsely she immersed herself in village life, resurrecting the bell-fry and establishing a bell ringing group. As a result of her involvement with the church she spent lots of time with Jez Bloxby, much to Sarah Bloxby's annoyance. Unknown to Sarah, however, Amanda already knew Jez before moving to the area.

Amanda had struck up a friendship with Agatha Raisin; as a result, when Amanda was found to have apparently committed suicide, Agatha knew otherwise and sought to catch her murderer. (Hell's Bells)


Amanda appeared to be a generous and caring person. Whilst she could indeed be friendly, she was also manipulative and had a penchant for blackmail.

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  • Despite being referred to in dialogue as 'Amanda Ballard', the character is listed as 'Amanda Barton' in the episode credits.


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