Ancombe is a fictional village located in the Cotswolds. The village neighbours Carsely, where the majority of the series' events take place.

History and traditions

The Ancombe fair is an annual event held in the village during the summertime. The admission charge for the fair is ten pence, with programmes costing an additional ten pence. The fair included several competitions; including home baking, terrier racing, show jumping and the prestigious Best of Breed competition. Reg Cummings-Browne judged the Best of Breed competition up until his death, awarding the first place prize to Barbara James and her Scotch Terrier six years in a row.

In addition to the competitions, the fair boasted numerous booths selling old books, country clothes, dried flowers, local pottery, home-baking and local country wines. (BOOK: The Quiche of Death)

Places in Ancombe

  • The Feathers
  • The Long Arms


  • Robina Toynbee's house

Residents of Ancombe

  • Barbara James
  • Ron Allen
  • Judith Owens
  • Angela Buckley
  • Andy Buckley

Former residents of Ancombe



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