Andy Cummings-Browne was a character in the first season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, based on the character Reginald Cummings-Browne from the novel Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

He was the judge of the prestigious quiche competition at Carsely's annual village fete. Behind his air of respectability, however, the retired army veteran was in fact a womanising cheat who dropped his morals as quickly as his trousers.

He was portrayed by Robert Bathurst, and voiced by Chris Emmett in the radio adaptation.


Television series

Although married to Jo Cummings-Browne, Andy had his way with multiple women in the village. This included an ongoing affair with Ella Cartwright. Consequently, he had awarded Ella the prestigious award of best quiche at the village fete seven years in a row.

Andy had also had an affair with Jo's friend Sheila Barr, who was deeply in love with him. Sheila was aware of Andy's relationship with Ella and often threatened to tell Jo unless he stopped seeing Ella. On one occasion, Sheila left a message exposing Andy's infidelity written in lipstick on a mirror at the Cummings-Browne's house, however, Andy was able to clear up this message before Jo saw it.

When Agatha Raisin moved to the village, she invited Andy and Jo out for dinner to learn more about the upcoming quiche competition in the hopes of better integrating herself into village life. Whist Jo went to the toilet, Andy made subtle advances towards Agatha but she wasn't interested in him and simply ignored his remarks.

Andy once again judged the quiche competition, awarding the best quiche prize to Ella. After the competition was over, Andy was brought the leftover quiches to eat by Jo. Unknown to him, however, Jo had secretly baked a replica of Agatha's spinach quiche entry which she'd poisoned with cowbane. Andy ate the poisoned quiche for dinner and died, his body was found the next morning by his cleaner Gemma Simpson and her daughter. (The Quiche of Death)

Book series

Mr. Cummings-Browne judged competitions in Carsely as well as several neighbouring villages. It was known that he had favourites in each village to whom he would award prizes. According to Mrs. Bloxby, Mr. Cummings-Browne was not a popular man in the village and that Vera Cummings-Browne was a most devoted wife. (The Quiche of Death)


Physical Appearance

Book series

According to Bill, Reg had a pointy head and jug ears. (The Quiche of Death)


Television appearances

Book appearances

Radio appearances




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