"There's a dark underside to the Cotswolds, it's not all thatched cottages and cream teas."
―Mrs. Boggle

Mrs. Boggle is a recurring character in the Agatha Raisin book series, as well as the subsequent radio and television adaptations.

Along with her husband, she is one of Carsely's long term residents.

She is portrayed by Marcia Warren.


Television series

Season 1

Mrs. Boggle and her husband were taken to Bath by Agatha Raisin and Gemma Simpson. (The Quiche of Death)

Agatha later spotted the Boggle's with a pair of car keys, leading her to question why Carsely locals take turns driving the couple around. She soon deduced that the pair had acquired a car of their own and were secretly the joyriders who had recently arrived in the village. (The Potted Gardener)

Mrs. Boggle and her husband attended the wedding of Agatha and James Lacey. (The Murderous Marriage)

Season 2

Having seen Agatha arrive back in Carsely after her honeymoon, Mrs. Boggle took it upon herself to alert her fellow villagers about Agatha's return. Mrs. Boggle then led a group of nosey villagers to Agatha's house to find out how her trip had been.

Later, she was particularly enthusiastic about Agatha's idea for a burlesque fundraiser for the Carsely Ladies Society. (The Wizard of Evesham)

Season 3

Along with the rest of the Carsely Ladies Society, Mrs. Boggle took part in The Crossed Sword's reenactment of the Battle of Titney’s Knob. As well as reenacting the battle, she took on the role of wardrobe mistress for the enactment; helping with costume fittings and signing the costumes in and out. (The Haunted House)

Upon joining the Neighbourhood Watch, Mrs. Boggle began watching her fellow Carsely residents and noted her observations in a dossier. She was particularly concerned with antisocial behaviour from local teenagers.

As a result of mistaking Karen Sheppard for one such teen, Mrs. Boggle was able to help Agatha identify Karen as Melissa Sheppard's killer. (The Love from Hell)


Book series

Agatha describes Mrs. Boggle as an old creaking harridan when they first meet. (The Quiche of Death)

Physical Appearance

Book series

Mrs. Boggle is described as being small and round. (The Quiche of Death)



There's a dark underside to the Cotswolds, it's not all thatched cottages and cream teas. (TV: The Love from Hell)



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