"The reason I have called is to warn you, Agatha Raisin, not to go messing about in people's lives, or soon there might be a real-live murder, with you as the corpse!"
―Bill Wong

Bill Wong is one of the main characters in the Agatha Raisin book series, as well as the subsequent radio and television adaptations.

He is a policeman who turns out to be a key ally for Agatha. After Agatha opens her own detective agency, the two begin a friendly rivalry as they both investigate murders in the Cotswolds.

He is portrayed by Matt McCooey.



Physical Appearance




  • Bill works out of Evesham for the South Gloucestershire Police. (The Quiche of Death, The Witch of Wyckhadden)
    • In real life, however, Evesham is actually in the county of Worcestershire, not Gloucestershire. Furthermore, real life law enforcement for South Gloucestershire is actually the Avon and Somerset Constabulary whilst West Mercia Police are responsible for Worcestershire.


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