Charles Fraith is one of the main characters in the Agatha Raisin book series, as well as the subsequent radio and television adaptations.

He is a charming and well connected Blue-blood who lives and owns land in Carsely. He has become a close friend of Agatha's and often assists her in solving local murders.

He is portrayed by Jason Merrells.


Television series

Early life

Charles went to school with George Felliet. During his 20s he became friendly with Tiggy Laggat-Brown. Charles, George and Tiggy would often hang out other, becoming thick as thieves. (The Deadly Dance)

Season 1

Charles hoped to break into the wedding business by renting out Barfield House as a venue. Thanks to some PR help from Agatha, several wedding parties had booked with him. This included the wedding of Kylie Stokes to Zac Leeson. A week before the wedding, Kylie met up with Charles to discuss quotes for catering. During the meeting she flirted with Charles until soon enough the two were kissing; she then began shouting at him and accused him of assault, threatening to report him to the police unless he reduced the price of the wedding reception by £5,000 - to which he complied. When Kylie was found dead the morning after the wedding, many of the upcoming weddings at Barfield cancelled on him. He was also quite insistent that Agatha did not investigate Kylie's death as he was worried that the money he refunded her would look suspicious out of context. (The Day the Floods Came)

Season 3

Charles brought his friend Tiggy Laggat-Brown to hire the Agatha Raisin Detective Agency to investigate death threats made to Tiggy's daughter, promising Tiggy preferential treatment. (The Deadly Dance)


Physical Appearance





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