"I do hope someone being brutally murdered hasn't ruined your evening."
―Denzel Wilkes

Denzel Wilkes is one of the main characters in the Agatha Raisin television series.

He is a rather incompetent policeman who's certainly not a fan of Agatha's constant meddling in police business, believing that her sleuthing success is purely by chance.

He is portrayed by Jason Barnett.


Television series

Season 1

After recovering Kylie Stokes's dead body from a river, Denzel told Agatha not to interfere as the police investigated the death. Denzel and the police initially believed her death to be a suicide, although it was quickly found that she was in fact murdered as her body had been frozen before it was dumped into the river. When Freda Stokes anonymously reported Charles Fraith to the police, Denzel publicly arrested him at Kylie's wake. As a result of following Agatha's investigation, Bill was able to deduce that Joanna Field was Kylie's real killer and took Denzel along to arrest her. Arriving at Joanna's old family butcher shop, they found Joanna had also killed Zac Leeson and was threatening to kill Agatha with a butchers knife. Denzel and Bill were able to successfully disarm and arrest Joanna, thereby saving Agatha. (TV: The Day the Floods Came)

Season 3

After Agatha solved her first case with her newly opened detective agency, Denzel wrote a scathing article in the local newspaper claiming that Agatha was just an amateur who should stop interfering in police business. When the police were later called to the Laggat-Brown manor, where Agatha was also working on a case, Denzel unwittingly proved Agatha to be correct in believing that a shooter had been present at the manor during Cassandra Laggat-Brown's party.

While investigating suspects at George Felliet's dance class, Denzel found himself engrossed in the class and joined in on the dancing, showing himself to be a surprisingly good dancer. (TV: The Deadly Dance)


Physical Appearance



I do hope someone being brutally murdered hasn't ruined your evening. (TV: The Love from Hell)



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