Eve Pembery, originally known as Natalie Shawpart, is a character in the second season of Agatha Raisin, originating in the novel Agatha Raisin and the Wizard of Evesham.

She was the owner of Eve's Salon, an established but unremarkable market town hairdressers in Evesham.

She was portrayed by Andrea Lowe.


Television series

Natalie and Jonny were married and lived in Bristol, where they set up a successful hair salon. Jonny's luxurious lifestyle resulted in many debts, however, so he set fire to the salon in order to collect the insurance money. When the insurance company became suspicious, Jonny told them that Natalie had started the fire. This forced her to use the savings she had to change her identity. She reinvented herself as Eve Pembery and was able to settle a lease for a salon in Evesham.

Her clients are happy at Eve’s until Jonny’s salon came to town. Eve just didn't have Jonny’s cool creative artistry or his seductive charms and so she lost all her more fashion conscious (and unhappily married) clients to Jonny. Despite feeling bitter, she was careful not to show it openly. (The Wizard of Evesham)


Television series

Eve is outwardly warm and easy going.

Physical Appearance


Television appearances Season 2 (1/3)

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Radio appearances Series 2 (1/6)




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