Fryfam is a fictional village in England.

In the books, Fryfam is said to be in Norfolk whereas in the television adaptation Fryfam is said to be only an hour's drive from Carsely.

History and traditions

The village believes strongly in fairies, with many properties keeping gnomes as protection. (Agatha Raisin & the Fairies of Fryfam)

Places in Fryfam

  • The Green Man


  • Oberon Cottage
  • The Trumpington-James' Manor House
  • The Redfern's house
  • The Jackson's house

Residents of Carsely

  • Barry Jackson
  • Polly Dart
  • Nigel Findlay
  • Lizzie Findlay

Former residents of Carsely

  • Mary Cutler †
  • Betty Jackson (arrested)
  • Paul Redfern †
  • Tolly Trumpington-James †



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