Gary Beech was a character in the third season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, originating in the novel As the Pig Turns.

He was an overly officious target-led policeman, who relished in doling out speeding tickets.

He was portrayed by Marc Bannerman.


Television series

Gary used to be married to Amy Beech. (Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns)

Book series

On one occasion, Gary charged a child with graffiti after his mother drew out chalk squares on a pavement for the child to play hopscotch. He had also charged a toddler playing with a water pistol for carrying a dangerous weapon. (Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns)


Physical Appearance

Book series

Gary was described as squat and burly, having a squashed-looking nose, a an open-pored face and piggy, accusing eyes. (Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns)


Television appearances
Season 3 (1/4)

Book appearances

  • 22 - Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns



  • Gary had a thick Gloucestershire accent. (BOOK: Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns)


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