Gemma Simpson is one of the main characters in the first and second seasons of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation. Gemma is a reimagined version of Doris Simpson, who regularly appears in the original book series and also in the radio drama.

She is Carsely's ever-present and on-the-ball cleaning lady, and one of Agatha's close friends.

She is portrayed by Katy Wix.


Television series

Season 1

Gemma originally worked for Sheila Barr, however, Agatha was able to convince Gemma to work for her instead with the promise of higher pay, more time off and better lunches. (The Quiche of Death)

Season 2

Gemma took part in the burlesque night organised by Agatha for the Carsely Ladies Society. (The Wizard of Evesham)

Gemma drove Agatha to Fryfam so that she could spend time writing her debut novel. Gemma later returned to Fryfam to help Agatha investigate a murder case and alleged fairies living in the village. (The Fairies of Fryfam)

Season 3

Gemma asked her cousin, Toni Gilmour, to take over as Agatha's cleaner so that she could travel to Ireland with her new boyfriend Caleb. While she was away, Kyra stayed at her nan's. (The Haunted House)

Book series

Doris is Agatha's ever-present cleaner and good friend, who looks after her cats Hodge and Boswell when she is away.


Physical Appearance


Season 1 (8/8)

Season 2 (2/3)




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