Harry Witherspoon is a character in the third season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, originating in the novel Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House.

He is the owner of Bladon Antiques and the estranged son of Olivia Witherspoon.

He was portrayed by James Dreyfus.


Television series

Olivia was a cruel and abusive mother from whom he is now estranged. Olivia made him feel like a failure and that nothing he did was ever good enough. Eventually Harry made a decision to distance himself in order to protect his sanity and chose to pursue a quiet life running an antique shop. Not a natural businessman, Bladon Antiques is now struggling, and Harry is in financial trouble. Harry is also estranged from his resentful sister Carol and has never married. Harry distracts himself from his dark past through a fantasy life with local re-enactment society, The Crossed Swords. (The Haunted House)

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Television series

Highly strung and secretive, Harry is the result of his damaged upbringing.

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Season 3 (1/4)

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