Hell's Bells is the second episode of the first season of Agatha Raisin. The episode was written by Stewart Harcourt and directed by Geoffrey Sax. It aired June 14, 2016 on Sky One.

The episode is based on the Agatha Raisin short story of the same name.


A rich newcomer to the village, Amanda Ballard, has found little favour among the Carsely locals. And when her body is found hanging from the bell ropes of the church in an apparent suicide, Agatha suspects foul play.


With a visit from the bishop looming, rich newcomer Amanda Ballard gathers together a group of villagers to practise ringing the bells. Murder soon rocks the tiny Cotswolds village of Carsely again when Agatha discovers the lifeless body of Amanda hanging in the belfry.

With a suicide note left beside her, the village assumes that widow Amanda took her own life. But not Agatha. Amanda was full of life and this bell ringing project was close to her heart, she would not have ended her life like this.

Agatha ropes a reluctant Roy into helping her research the case and soon finds that many villagers had a motive to kill, including the vicar, who turns out to be hiding a very guilty past.

Agatha discovers that Amanda's ex-husband is very much alive and has been paying for her expensive tastes. Jez comes under suspicion, having known Amanda before she came to the area, as does Amanda's old school-friend Steph, who is recently out of rehab. Agatha deduces that Amanda was killed by somebody she was black-mailing but that still leaves rather a lot of suspects.

As Agatha's investigation takes her back to the bright lights of London, she discovers that Amanda, too, was leading a double life. But can she unmask the killer?


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Sally Bretton as Amanda Ballard
  • Michael Byrne as Bishop Parsons
  • Georgia Taylor as Steph
  • Elexi Walker as Tracy Forrest
  • Richard Dixon as John Marlowe
  • Richard Braine as Canon Gibson




  • This is the only episode to be based on an Agatha Raisin short story, rather than an Agatha Raisin book.
  • Although their characters didn't share any scenes together, this episode reunites cast member Katy Wix with her former 'Not Going Out' co-star Sally Bretton.

International premieres

  • August 8, 2016 (USA)
  • June 25, 2017 (France)
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