Ivy Hall is the manor home of the Witherspoon family in Hebberdon, said to be haunted since the English Civil War.



After the Royalists were defeated at Titley’s Knob during the Civil War, Sir Geoffrey Lamont went on the run with his man servant and took refuge at Ivy Hall. Lamont entrusted his man with all his possessions, including a priceless treasure, but was caught hours later empty handed. This lead to people believing he stashed the treasure at Ivy Hall. In 1651, Geoffrey Lamont was murdered in Ivy Hall with a musket.

In contemporary times, Ivy hall had long been of interest to the ghost hunting community due to Sir Geoffrey Lamont's murder there. It was believed that his ghost had stalked the corridors ever since. Even Ivy Hall's owner, Olivia Witherspoon, reported unexplained paranormal activity on a grand scale which caused her to become terrified for her life.




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