"Only a crass idiot would drop in to accuse a poisoner and then drink her coffee."
―Jo Cummings-Browne

Jo Cummings-Browne is a character in the first season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, based on the character Vera Cummings-Browne from the novel Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death.

She is Andy Cummings-Browne's long-suffering housewife and an Amateur Dramatics devotee.

She was portrayed by Hermione Norris, and voiced by Jennifer Piercey in the radio adaptation.


Television series

Jo was the undoubted queen bee of Carsely and was heavily involved in all village activities. She was married to serial philanderer Andy Cummings-Browne but, well aware of his wandering hands, was happy to smile and keep up appearances. 

However, his infidelity grew tiring and she found herself the perfect opportunity to rid herself of him when incomer Agatha Raisin decided to enter the village's quiche baking competition. She secretly baked a replica of Agatha's spinach quiche which she had laced with cowbane, a poisonous plant Jo was familiar with thanks to her experience with flower arranging, in the village hall to bring home to her husband. Having served him the leftovers of 'Agatha's quiche' she left him to die before playing the role of the grieving wife. Her perfect murder went sideways, however, when it later came to light that Agatha had actually entered a store-bought quiche from a speciality shop in London into the competition. This was problematic as it meant the quiche was prepared in an area where cowbane did not grow, drawing doubt to the police's theory that cowbane had accidentally been harvested with some spinach.

With Agatha determined to clear her name of murder, it was only a matter of time before she deduced that Jo had committed the murder and then framed her. Upon figuring this out, Agatha dropped round to confront Jo. Whilst Agatha shared her theories about Andy's death, Jo offered her coffee laced with horse tranquilliser. As Agatha released this, Jo mocked Agatha, who was becoming increasingly drowsy from the spiked coffee she was drinking. With Agatha collapsed on the floor, Jo started a fire in the living room before taking her dog out for a walk, intending for Agatha to die in what she hoped would be deemed another unfortunate accident. However, as she left her house she was met by Bill Wong and Gemma Simpson, who apprehended her and saved Agatha. Jo was then arrested by the police. (The Quiche of Death)


Television series

Not the friendliest of folks, Jo was guarded and had no intention of welcoming newcomer Agatha Raisin into the fold.

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[To Agatha] Only a crass idiot would drop in to accuse a poisoner and then drink her coffee. (TV: The Quiche of Death)



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