Kylie Stokes was a character in the first season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation.

She was a bride who hired Barfield House as the venue for her wedding reception.

She was portrayed by Nell Hudson.


Despite her long-term relationship with Zac Lesson, Kylie had been having an affair with her boss Bernie Barrington. Sometime around her engagement to Zac, the affair ended and Bernie's wife sent her fifteen grand as both a wedding gift and as a thank you to Kylie for sleeping with Bernie so that she didn't have to!

Kylie had booked Barfield House as her wedding venue and borrowed a wedding dress from her best friend, and bridesmaid, Joanna Field. A week before the wedding she met up with Charles Fraith to discuss quotes for catering. During the meeting she flirted with Charles until soon enough the two were kissing; she then began shouting at him and accused him of assault, threatening to report him to the police unless he reduced the price of the wedding reception by £5,000.

Although she was very excited to be marrying Zac, on the actual wedding day she was very nervous. While everyone else at the reception were enjoying themselves, she sat alone crying to herself. When Agatha Raisin spotted her crying, she went over to help and was quickly able to reassure Kylie that marrying young wasn't a mistake. Thanks to Agatha, Kylie enjoyed the rest of the reception.

The day after the wedding, Kylie and Zac went to Joanna's to return the wedding dress. Kylie's boasting about her happiness began to provoke Joanna, who was secretly in love with Zac and believed that Kylie had stolen him from her. As a result of Joanna's jealousy, she started to fight with Kylie. Zac tried to break the two apart, but not before Kylie hit her head hard and died. Although Zac wanted to call the police, Joanna wouldn't let him. She dressed Kylie back in the wedding dress and stored the body in one the freezers at her family's old butcher shop. Later that night, when the floods came, Joanna and Zac dumped Kylie's body in the river. The next day, many local residents, including Agatha, gathered around the riverbank where Kylie's body had washed up. Although the police initially believed her death a suicide, Agatha knew that she had actually been killed. (The Day the Floods Came)


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