This is a chronological list of attacks that have occurred throughout Agatha Raisin.

As of The Wellspring of Death, a total of 4 attacks have been carried out over the course of 3 episodes.


Name Description of attack Outcome Episode Attacker(s)
Agatha Raisin Cycled over tripwire as she rode home and was thrown to the ground Rescued by Sam and his friends Pilot John Cartwright
Agatha Raisin Drank coffee laced with horse tranquilliser and abandoned in a burning building Rescued by Gemma Simpson Pilot Jo Cummings-Browne
Charles Fraith Knocked unconscious with a sculpture and left with his head in the oven Rescued by James Lacey 1.01 Deborah Camden
Agatha Raisin Gagged, tied up and locked in the boot of a car Rescued by James Lacey and Bill Wong 1.03 Guy Freemont
James Lacey Knocked unconscious and buried alive Rescued by Bill Wong 1.08 Karen Hardy
Agatha Raisin Pelted with rocks fired through a slingshot Defended herself using 3-in-1 cleaning product 2.02 Betty Jackson
Agatha Raisin Hit in the head with a metal vase Rescued by James Lacey, Bill Wong and Charles Fraith 2.03 Ellen Partle
Agatha Raisin Knocked over and threatened Rescued by James Lacey 2.03 Richard Binser
James Lacey Beaten up Saved by Agatha Raisin 2.03 Richard Binser
Toni Gilmour Threatened with a knife to her throat to co-operate Rescued by Agatha Raisin and James Lacey 3.01 Florian Devere
Tiggy Laggat-Brown Targeted by a sniper Pushed out of the way by Agatha Raisin 3.02
Bill Wong Hit on the head with a hammer Survived 3.03 Karen Sheppard
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