This is a chronological list of deaths that have occurred throughout Agatha Raisin.

As of Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns, a total of 31 deaths have happened over the course of 16 episodes.


Name Cause of death Episode Killer(s)
Andy Cummings-Browne Poisoned with cowbane baked into a spinach quiche Pilot Jo Cummings-Browne
Jessica Tartinck Hit in the head with a shovel 1.01 Deborah Camden
Amanda Ballard Hanged from the belfry 1.02 John Marlowe
Robert Struthers 1.03 Guy Freemont
Robina Toynbee 1.03 Guy Freemont
Mary Fortune Strangled with a guitar string 1.04 Bernie Spott
Paul Bladen Injected in the heart with horse tranquilliser 1.05 Peter Rice
Mrs. Josephs 1.05 Peter Rice
Kylie Stokes Blunt force trauma to the head 1.06 Joanna Field
Zac Leeson Frozen to death 1.06 Joanna Field
Francie Juddle 1.07 Inspector Jessop
Janine Juddle Stabbed in the back 1.07 Inspector Jessop
Jimmy Raisin Strangled 1.08 Karen Hardy
Sir Desmond 1.08 Himself (suicide)
Jonny Shawpart Dosed with ricin 2.01 Eve Pembery
Deirdra Darry Stabbed with a pair of scissors 2.01 Eve Pembery
Tolly Trumpington-James Throat slit with a breadknife 2.02 Betty Jackson
Paul Redfern Shotgun blast to the chest 2.02 Betty Jackson
Tristan Delon Stabbed in the neck with a letter opener 2.03 Richard Binser
Liz Jellop Drowned in a vat of her own homemade jam 2.03 Richard Binser
Peggy Slither Suffocated 2.03 Richard Binser
Olivia Witherspoon Neck broken with the butt of a musket 3.01 Florian Devere
Robin Barley Inhaled liquid cyanide hidden in a vase of flowers 3.01 Florian Devere
Barry Briar Stabbed with a sword through his chest 3.01 Florian Devere
Harrison Peterson Smothered 3.02 Jeremy Laggatt-Brown
and Felicity Felliet
Johnny Sullivan Had a fatal allergic reaction to a laxative baked into a cake 3.02 Emma Comfrey (accidentally)
Melissa Sheppard Attacked with a hammer 3.03 Karen Sheppard
Julia Fraser Drowned in fountain 3.03 Karen Sheppard
Gary Beech Decapitated 3.04 Billy Tulloch
Amy Beech Trapped in freezer 3.04 Billy Tulloch
Billy Tulloch Crushed by falling barrel 3.04


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