Liza Friendly is a character in the second season of Agatha Raisin. She is a relative newcomer to Carsely.

She was portrayed by Kate Lamb.


Plump, pretty, warm, naïve. Liza has led a very sheltered life - rarely left the Cotswold borders, let alone been abroad. Another relative newcomer to Carsely – Liza has been readily accepted by the residents – in stark contrast to Deirdra Darry. Lacking in confidence she sees herself as low status, averse to confrontation and vulnerable to bullying. She met her controlling husband Rob at school and when he asked her to marry him, she thought she better say yes – he told her no one else would have her and she believed him. After years of being treated without respect, when Jonny shows her positive attention, she can’t resist him. She becomes obsessed to the point of stalking him when he starts ignoring her and refuses to return her calls. But when the real reason for his interest is revealed and he threatens to tell Rob she’s betrayed him, she’ll do anything to prevent that from happening.


Season 2 (1/3)




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