Percy Fleming is a character in the third season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation, originating in the novel Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House.

He is a former IT support worker who became an unlikely millionaire with the success of his video game “Beasts of the Abyss”.

He was portrayed by David Newman.


Television series

Percy grew up in Hebberdon - an area steeped in Civil War history and his childhood quest to find the lost treasure of Sir Geoffrey Lamont followed him into adulthood. His years of research on the Civil War and Lamont made him the perfect candidate to become historical consultant to The Crossed Swords.

Percy Fleming was a big part of the investigation that took place considering Florian Devere was not a huge fan of him. He created video games and also really wanted Ivy Hall but could not afford the property. When Agatha and James came across this they thought this may play a huge part in their investigation. Which it did, at first! This also led to him maybe being the killer and Agatha quickly wanted to find out more before anyone else was killed. For that matter Olivia Witherspoo ( The owner of Ivy Hall ). When they new that Percy wanted Ivy Hall bad enough to maybe even kill this did not strike Agatha and James very well. In the end though it turns out that Percy was not the murderer and he was clear. (The Haunted House)

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Percy is a classic geek and serial snacker. He used to code video games as a hobby, until his game “Beasts of the Abyss” became an International hit.

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