Percy Hand is a character in the second season of Agatha Raisin. He is Fryfam's local police chief.

He was portrayed by Andrew Brooke.


Early life

Growing up, Percy's dad encouraged him to become a police officer. (The Fairies of Fryfam)

Season 2

Upon hearing of Agatha Raisin's investigation into the village's legend of fairies, Percy anonymously left an effigy of Agatha and a note telling her to leave the village at the cottage she was staying at in order to discourage her meddling.

Following the death of Tolly Trumpington-James, Percy was in charge of leading the murder investigation. Later, he found some suspicious evidence in Agatha’s cottage, alongside the more than incriminating manuscript of her novel. Much to his disappointment, however, the police lacked enough evidence to hold Agatha and so Percy released her under the strictest instructions to stop meddling. Agatha promised she would but, unknown to him, she began pursuing the case with Percy as her prime suspect. (The Fairies of Fryfam)


Percy prides himself on his rationalism.


Season 2 (1/3)




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