Robin Barley was a character in the third season of the Agatha Raisin television adaptation.

She was the Commander in Chief of Hebberdon's historical society, The Crossed Swords, as well as a being a professional photographer.

She was portrayed by Clare Holman.


Television series

Robin never married or had children as she valued her independence too much. After years of travelling the world she decided to settle in Hebberdon and set up her own photography studio.

As head of The Crossed Swords, she was responsible for recruiting members of the Carsely Ladies Society into the re-enactment of the Battle of Titley’s Knob at Barfield House.

She was murdered by Florian Devere, who disguised himself using Denzel Wilkes' battle re-enactment costume to deliver a bouquet of flowers. Unknown to Robin, the flowers were soaking in liquid cyanide instead of water. As she smelt the flowers, she was quickly poisoned as a result of inhaling the cyanide. (The Haunted House)

Book series


Television series

Robin is particularly enthusiastic and full of energy, as seen by how much she embraced her role as The Crossed Sword's Commander in Chief with total commitment.

Book series

Physical Appearance

Television series

Robin is rather Bohemian, stylish and flamboyant.

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Television appearances
Season 3 (1/4)

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