Roy Silver is one of the main characters in the Agatha Raisin book series, as well as the subsequent radio and television adaptations.

He used to be Agatha's personal assistant at her public relations firm before she retired and moved to Carsely. He is also one of her close friends, and continues to assist Agatha with her sleuthing in the Cotswolds.

He is portrayed by Mathew Horne.


Television series

Season 2

Roy accepted a job in New York, however, he decided to split his time between New York and England as he didn't want to leave Agatha and his life in the Cotswolds. (The Curious Curate)

Book series

Roy was Agatha Raisin's personal assistant at her public relations firm, Raisin Promotions. He worked closely with the firm's pop group client, the Trendies, and the band's leader had grown fond of him. When Agatha retired, Roy moved to the firm Pedmans who had bought the business from her. Roy was the only member of her staff to be employed by Pedmans, as the company wished to keep working with the Trendies who he already had great rapport with. (Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death)


Television series

Book series

Physical Appearance

Television series

Book series



[To Agatha] It's a wonder your health hasn't crumbled under a weight of microwaved curries. (BOOK: The Quiche of Death)



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