Sarah Bloxby is one of the main characters in the Agatha Raisin book series, as well as the subsequent radio and television adaptations.

She is one of Agatha's close friends and the vicar's wife, she knows literally everyone in the village.

She is portrayed by Lucy Liemann.


Season 1

After Agatha's previous success solving the murder of Andy Cummings-Browne, Sarah brought her friend Deborah Camden to visit Agatha in the hopes that she would investigate the murder of Jessica Tartinck, a member of Deborah's rambling group. (The Walkers of Dembley)

Sarah was outraged that Carsely's newest incomer, Amanda Ballard, was spending so much time with her husband. (Hell's Bells)

Season 2

Sarah was unimpressed with the village's new curate, Tristan Delon, who was temporarily taking Jez's place whilst he was away. While the church pews were suddenly packed to the rafters with adoring fans, Sarah was appalled at the way Tristan had turned her husband’s beloved church into a pop concert. Desperate to win her over, the ever charming Tristan invited Sarah to dinner at his lodgings. However, Sarah was shocked to find him murdered the very next morning– and in her own vicarage! Having become the prime suspect in Tristan's murder, Agatha and her friends quickly began to work on proving Sarah's innocence.

However, after an investigating blunder led to another murder, Agatha was ready to turn her back on investigating for good, leaving Sarah to feel even more helpless as she was now in the frame for two murders. (The Curious Curate)

Season 3

Sarah invited James to talk to Carsely's historical society about the civil war due to his specialist knowledge of the topic. She later attended Cassandra Laggat-Brown's engagement party to watch Agatha perform a dance duet with George Felliet. (The Deadly Dance)

With the help of Agatha and Charles, Sarah organised a smooth jazz night and an auction at Barfield House as part of Carsely's charity week fundraiser. (The Love from Hell)


Physical Appearance

Television series

Book series

Mrs. Bloxby is described as small, slim and delicate. She has brown hair threaded with grey strands. Agatha found her long, delicate hands to be particularly noteworthy. (Tthe Quiche of Death)



I know what a bong is Charles, I wasn't always a vicar's wife! (TV: The Love from Hell)



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