The Fairies of Fryfam is the fifth episode of the third series of the Agatha Raisin radio drama. It was adapted by David Semple from M.C. Beaton's book of the same name and directed by Carol Smith. It first aired November 22, 2006 on BBC Radio 4.


Having been hurt by James once too often, Agatha takes a trip to the Cornish village of Fryfam and is soon disturbed by some strange lights at the bottom of her garden.



  • Penelope Keith as Agatha Raisin
  • Malcolm Sinclair as James Lacey
  • Liza Sadovy as Mrs. Bloxby
  • Rebecca Saire as Lucy Danvers
  • Mark Straker as Tolly Danvers
  • Stephen Critchlow as Mr. Popplewell
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