The Terrible Tourist is the third episode of the third series of the Agatha Raisin radio drama. It was adapted by David Semple from M.C. Beaton's book of the same name and directed by Carol Smith. It first aired November 8, 2006 on BBC Radio 4.


Now that their marriage plans have collapsed, Agatha is furious to find that James is taking a holiday on the island where they were to have had their honeymoon. But when she sets out in pursuit of him she stumbles upon another murder.



  • Penelope Keith as Agatha Raisin
  • Malcolm Sinclair as James Lacey
  • Caroline Harker as Olivia
  • George Layton as Sam
  • Julia Deakin as Ella
  • Spencer Banks as George
  • Peter Silverleaf as Jean-Pierre
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