The Vicious Vet is the fifth episode of the first season of Agatha Raisin. The episode was written by Chris Murray and directed by Roberto Bangura. It aired July 5, 2016 on Sky One.

The episode is based on the Agatha Raisin book of the same name.


Veterinarian and lothario Paul Bladen has the ladies of Carsely all aflutter with excitement. But when a routine operation results in his death, Agatha once again must uncover the truth behind his untimely demise.


After going on a date with village vet and heartthrob Paul Bladen, Agatha gets a shock when he shows up dead the next day - killed by a fatal dose of horse tranquilliser.

Unconvinced by claims he committed suicide, Agatha and James investigate and soon find that Agatha wasn't the only woman in the village to fall under the young vet's charms. Tapping into the village rumour they question former lovers, spurned husbands and even stud owner Lord Pendlebury. However, when a second murder occurs and Agatha starts to receive threatening letters, the stakes are upped.

Agatha refuses to be warned off the investigation. But pursuing a double murderer means throwing her life on the line, as she discovers when she comes face to face with the killer...


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Bethan James as Chloe Mabbs
  • Mark Straker as Percy Parr
  • Juliet Ellis as Harriet Parr
  • Nick Asbury as Peter Rice
  • Daniel Ings as Paul Bladen
  • Richard Mylan as Jack The Lad Pomfret
  • Douglas Reith as Lord Pendlebury
  • Rosalind Halstead as Cecilia
  • Siobhan O'Carroll as Josephine Webster
  • Ammar Haj Ahmad as Tailored Barman




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