Tristan Delon is a character in the second season of Agatha Raisin. He was Carsely's new curate whilst Jez Bloxby was away.

He was portrayed by Olly Rix.


Television series

Carsely was buzzing with excitement at Tristan's arrival to the village, with many of the local women taking a fancy to the hot new curate. This was evident by the church pews suddenly packed to the rafters with adoring fans. Initially, Tristan was only taking the place of Jez Bloxby temporarily whilst he was away. However, Sarah Bloxby was appalled at the way Tristan had turned her husband’s beloved church into a pop concert.

Desperate to win her over, the ever charming Tristan invited Sarah to dinner at his lodgings that evening... but little did he know that this would in fact be his last supper as Sarah is shocked to find him murdered the very next morning– and in her own vicarage! (The Curious Curate)

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Television series

Tristan is charismatic, selfish and devious. (The Curious Curate)

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Physical Appearance

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Book series

Tristan is described as having golden hair, large blue eyes, and a perfect mouth. (Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate)


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